In a perfect world, every child in Suffolk would be nurtured by a loving family, achieve great things at school and live in a supportive community and enjoy being a child. But the sad reality is that not every child has these opportunities.

Today Iceni supports families in Ipswich and Suffolk to give all our children the opportunity to have a safe, healthy and happy start in life. We strongly believe that tackling the causes of addiction, poverty and other inequalities lies in effective targeted early intervention and addressing the unmet and inter-generational problems that are entrenched in deprived neighbourhoods in Suffolk. Our work is designed to help those who will raise the next generation of children, rather than applying sticking plasters to today’s problems.

We do this by providing comprehensive support to parents and their families in targeted high-needs areas, including an emphasis on intervening early before problems become a crisis. All aspects of a family’s  development is addressed through a host of services to parents, including addiction assistance, domestic abuse and improving parent child relationships.

We hope you share our ambitions and together, we can give our children and families opportunities that are truly limitless.

Brian Tobin
Chief Executive