We are lucky enough to receive some fantastic comments and feedback from our clients and partners regarding their experiences at Iceni.  Of course due to the nature of our work we have to keep the authors of these comments confidential and we are limited to only being able to share a few of these comments which you can see below:

  • Becoming a volunteer after being a user of their services means I can give something back as I understand what parents are going through.”  Volunteer (June 2013).
  • “This is the only kind of service that thinks about families as a whole,instead of breaking them apart into little pieces.” Family Member (May 2013).
  • “Iceni helped me overcome my fear of being judged as a bad parent.”  Parent Feedback (October 2013).
  •  “They put me back on track, which believe me wasn’t easy.”  Parent Comment (January 2014).
  • “I had to prove I was able to bring up my little boy on my own, Iceni believed in me when others didn’t.”  Parent Review (December 2013).
  • “Despite requesting help at an earlier stage, we were not helped until our situation became a crisis. Thankfully Iceni got involved and things are looking better for our family.”  Parent Review (October 2013).
  • “Having my needs met in one place was useful.”  Parent Review (January 2014).
  • “Its not like a normal drug treatment centre and apart from Brian’s singing the staff are fantastic.”  Parent Comment (December 2013).