Donations to Iceni are always very gratefully received as we are reliant on donations to continue to provide the support we do to so many families.  To find out more about the support your donation can offer please explore the links below.

Thinking of making a donation?

We are committed to using your donations to break the circle of addiction and deprivation and give children the opportunity to have a healthy, happy and safe start in life.

We are keen to ensure that we are transparent about how we use donations and if you would like to learn more about how and where your money was spent you can read our latest annual report

Whether you donate £1, £100 or £10,000, every donation helps us to give families support when they need it most and we will honour your generous contribution by ensuring it is spent effectively to create meaningful change.

Don’t forget, you can increase the value of your support to Iceni by 25%, at no cost to yourself, by allowing us to claim the tax back via the Gift Aid Scheme.

You can donate by clicking our ‘Donate’ button, which can be found under our Twitter stream in the right hand corner of each page of the website.  Alternatively you can donate by text message by texting: ICEN12 followed by the amount you wish to donate in whole pounds (EG ICEN12 £5) to 70070.


How does Iceni use donations and how much do they spend on administration?

90p goes directly to our work with families

4p goes towards our governance and running costs

6p is invested to generate further income


How are you able to keep your administration costs low?

Iceni are diligent in keeping our administration costs as low as possible, thus ensuring that donations are used effectively and efficiently. We want as much of our funding as possible to support our work and there are a number of ways we are able to keep our administrative rate as low as possible.

What we do:

We treat our donors as important stakeholders and keep them informed about the impact they are making.

We rely on volunteers to help offset as many administrative support functions as possible.

Our staff, many of whom have been with Iceni for 8 years or more, are here because they are committed to the mission of what we do and how we do it, not because of how much we pay.

What we don’t do:

We don’t employ third-party fundraising organisations to raise money on our behalf.

We don’t do direct mail campaigns to solicit new donors.

We don’t hire people to stand on street corners asking money from people passing by.

We don’t use telemarketers.

We don’t hire high priced fundraising consultants.


Where and how does my donation help?

Everyone involved with Iceni works hard to achieve as much as possible with the donations we receive and you may be surprised by exactly how far your donations can go.  The difference that your donations make really is life-changing. When you make a donation you can choose how you would like your money to be used. You can choose to donate to a specific area of our work i.e. young parents, that may be close to your heart. What we can guarantee is that every pound plays a critical role in helping us improve the welfare and future of hundreds of children in Ipswich and Suffolk facing abuse, neglect, parental addiction and deprivation. Your donation gives us the confidence that you do care, and support from people like you means that many of our needed programmes are able to keep their doors open to families and children need.


How can I donate?

There are several ways to make a donation to Iceni

You can make a regular monthly donation by direct debit.

You can also donate online as a one off gift.

You can TEXT 70070 with the word ICEN12, followed by the amount you wish to donate EG £5.

By phone 01473 214006 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

Or by post: please send us a cheque, made payable to Iceni Ipswich, 64-70 Foundation Street, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 1BN


What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities to reclaim the tax on your donations. This means that every £10 you give under the Gift Aid scheme is worth £12.50 to us – at no extra cost to you. By completing a Gift Aid Declaration Iceni can reclaim 25% on this donation, from HM Inland Revenue & Customs. To qualify for Gift Aid, you must pay an amount of UK tax (Income and/or Capital Gains Tax), which is at least equal to the amount we will reclaim in each tax year, which is currently 25p for every £1 you give.


Will you keep in touch to tell me what my money is helping to achieve?

We will be delighted to provide meaningful communication to anyone who supports us, however, if a donor states they do not wish to receive any or little communication then we promise to keep it that way. We can provide updates with what your donation is helping to achieve and we will email you occasionally if you opted in to receive email when you made your donation. All donors can expect an explanation of how we intend to spend their money as well as progress reports on how it has been spent and where any unused money will go.


Can we visit Iceni?

A big yes!  We strongly encourage visits to our centre and experience for yourself the impact that your donation has on the lives of children and families we support. We want donors to get involved and we believe that anyone who supports us is entitled to see for themselves the work we do, where we do it and how we do it. Such visits will help donors to see that they are making a difference in fixing a problem within our community that they care about. We welcome requests for a visit from donors as we see them as participating partners rather than simply absent underwriters of our work. Whether you are an individual, a foundation or a business or a local community group we will be delighted to host a visit. Please contact us on 01473 214006 to arrange a convenient time for your visit to Iceni.


Can I raise funds for Iceni?

We would be delighted to hear from and support anyone who wishes to raise funds on our behalf. We believe fundraising should be both fun and easy, so if you are willing to take on a particular challenge or organise an event,  we have experienced fundraisers on hand who will help you decide what sort of event is right for you, as well as offer you any advice, support or materials you need to make sure your fundraiser is a success. We are open to any suggestions, so please do contact us if you have an idea, regardless how ‘out there’ it may be!


I am from a company – how can I get involved?

There are lots of ways companies can support our work and whilst raising funds is always welcomed there are numerous ways where your business can lend a hand. We appreciate relationships that are not based solely on financial support. Iceni value in-kind support such as staff giving their professional skills free of charge, promotion and marketing support, IT support, space/venue usage, staff members assisting as a volunteer, advocate or board member and donating goods/equipment. A corporate partnership can bring invaluable benefits to both Iceni, your business and your employees such as:

  • Engaging your employees:  A feeling of unity, a common cause, life beyond work
  • Connecting with the community:  Being part of where you live, interacting with the people
  • Tax breaks:  Some of your efforts and donations will be tax-deductible
  • Goodwill:  Acting as and being seen as a contributor to society and not just someone profiting from your customers and community. This perception is immeasurable.
  • Volunteers: Many non-profits and charities that may be short on funds are still big on manpower. They can help bring out people to help in promotions and help staff and run events.
  • Good Publicity: It should go without saying that working with charities will always make a business look good. This is one of the easiest forms of cross-promotion to put into effect. Even without major publicity drives, the simple association of your name with that of a Iceni will help to garner positive attention, and will make customers feel good about you.

Any business that partners with Iceni can do very well while they do good. In a good business-Iceni relationship, everybody wins. If you would like to discuss how your business could get involved with Iceni please contact Brian Tobin on 01473 344867 or


What will you do with my details?

At Iceni, we value your support and respect your privacy. Your details will not be distributed to any other party and kept securely at all times. In relation to personal details, we adhere to all aspects of The Data Protection laws.

If I have further questions about donations and fundraising, who should I contact?

For further information, please contact Angela on 01473 214006 or

On behalf of everyone involved in the activities of Iceni, thank you for thinking of donating and supporting us, it is truly appreciated.

Please see our terms and conditions on donating