We really value the partnerships we have at Iceni and the support our partners offer our clients and our staff.  Please read on to find out more about our partners and the work they do.

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We have recently celebrated two years of our partnership with Homestart South Suffolk, during which time we have built a strong working relationship to maximise the benefits of joint working for families. The team at Homestart share our philosophy of a non judgemental and nurturing approach to parents. Families have benefited from support with domestic skills, budgeting, confidence building, financial planning and support to attend appointments as well as assistance to bring positive structure and routine to often chaotic lifestyles.

We realise it can be difficult to consider an ‘outside agency’ coming in to the family home and any anxiety about this has been met by reassurance and the careful building of a trusting relationship. All families that have been involved with Home Start have given positive feedback and we look forward to our partnership developing over years ahead.


Our experience of working with ‘back to work’ agencies has led us to believe that the industry is often ‘results driven’ to the point that our client group have never felt they have been given the time or support they have needed. This is why are partnership with GNMA has been so refreshing, as they put people and not targets at the heart of their work which has resulted in successful outcomes for clients.  The team at GNMA have supported clients to return to adult education, to work both paid and voluntary, in computer skills, literacy and numeracy and provided a nurturing and supportive environment in which people can work towards reaching their potential. We are delighted to work with Gary, Reece and the team and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.