Our approach to working with families is ‘parent centred interventions, for child centred outcomes’ and we believe that before we can have a positive impact on children, we must first begin to understand and meet the needs of the parents. Evidence clearly demonstrates that for every family suffering from addiction and dependency, and especially those experiencing child protection proceedings, there is often a wide range of underpinning issues including neglect abuse and other difficult circumstances from the past. These issues will often provide the root cause of current circumstances and may have resulted in the breakdown of family relationships, parental neglect and domestic abuse, which run alongside the practical implications of addiction such as poverty, homelessness and poor health/mental health.

Iceni boast a multidisciplinary team comprising of social workers, psychotherapeutic practitioners, counsellors, complimentary therapists and group facilitators. Our evidence based practice is both integrative and eclectic, deriving methods from across the spectrums of emotional, behavioural and cognitive propositions. We believe that by providing a wide range of therapeutic inputs we are best placed to meet the varying needs of a complex client group and we are able to offer interventions that can meet both the unmet psychological and practical needs of the client.

Our ethos is born from a humanistic perspective inasmuch that we believe self-esteem derives from positive relationships.  We draw from person centred, psychodynamic, gestalt, systemic, CBT and attachment based theories (to name but a few) in order to understand and work with a diverse range of issues synonymous with addiction and dependency.