How you can help Suffolk families who need support

As a charity, Iceni depends on the ongoing support of businesses, individuals and local authorities. There are various ways you can lend a hand and make a positive difference to families across Suffolk.

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Corporate Charity Partnerships
Partnering with Iceni can deliver a number of benefits to us and your business. We welcome any support, both financial and non-financial, that companies can offer.
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Fundraising for Iceni
Our experienced fundraisers can lend a helping hand to anyone looking to raise funds for Iceni through special events or personal challenges.
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Iceni has always depended on the support of volunteers, and their ongoing contribution will be integral to meeting our objectives over the coming years.
4 in 5
Alcohol dependent adults, aren't getting the treatment needed

We turn families’ lives around

Iceni offers a unique service for families affected by addiction and dependency. We adopt a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, recognising there may be many underlying reasons why things haven’t worked out as planned.

Prioritising the wellbeing of children above everything else, we work hard to ensure every child can have a happy, healthy and fulfilling start in life. And this starts with addressing the needs of parents.

Our inclusive service is designed to help families enjoy greater self-sufficiency and independence, while preventing children from being taken into care.

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We help families thrive

At Iceni, we recognise that traditional approaches to addiction can sometimes cause more harm than good. By applying a more personal and holistic touch, we have been able to deliver positive outcomes for a number of clients.

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Our Stories

Kirsty’s Story

Kirsty's Story
Speech Marks "Iceni helped me see what I’d missed. They showed me I was worth something."

Kirsty | Former Iceni Client

Kirsty’s Story All Stories

Of every £1 you donate, 90p goes to beneficiaries of Iceni. Find out more about who we are and why we do what we do.


Out of 134 people, 130 reported no further domestic abuse after an Iceni programme. Find out who else we have helped.


Is how much we need to raise a year to effectively support families in Suffolk. Find out how you can help us.

Effective programmes that make a difference

Our range of programmes deliver long-lasting solutions to the various challenges brought about by addiction, domestic abuse and other behavioural disorders.

Holistic treatments that enhance lives

We take pride in offering a personal and integrated service, matching a family’s individual needs with the right support or intervention.

What’s going on at Iceni

Ready to donate?

Out of every £1 you donate, 90p goes to helping people in our care. We split only 10p across our costs and marketing.