In 2018/19 we spent £350,000 and supported 322 families in Suffolk.

We’ve devoted over 20 years giving families the hope they need to thrive.

Since 1998, Iceni has worked tirelessly to help children and parents in Ipswich and Suffolk overcome the challenges brought about by domestic abuse, addiction and dependency.

Our success to date is attributable to a ‘holistic’ approach, built on the solid foundations of a client-centred and non-judgmental ethos.

We believe this approach forms the core of both challenging and trusting relationships, thus forming the catalyst for a person’s propensity to change.

Our History Partnerships

Intervention, Rehabilitation, Prevention.

Iceni exists to give children the best possible start in life – free from abuse, discrimination and exploitation – and to bring positive, long-lasting change to families.  

Child Reading

We believe every child has the right to enjoy their childhood.

At the heart of Iceni is a group of people who are committed to transforming the lives of families across Suffolk.

From our core staff to the volunteers who give up their time to support Iceni in its mission, everyone shares a desire to keep families together and ensure every child has a bright future.

This team will continue to grow as Iceni looks to fulfil the objectives it has set itself over the coming years.

Meet the Team

We’re making an impact, but we need support to do more.

Figures relating to addiction and domestic abuse don’t make for easy reading, but we’re working hard to change that.


Of every £1 you donate, 90p goes to beneficiaries of Iceni.


Out of 134 people, 130 reported no further domestic abuse after an Iceni programme.


The amount Iceni needs to raise each year to support families in Suffolk.


The number of children taken into care every year. This is not acceptable


Average cost of placing a child into care. Our average cost of working with 208 parents in one year was £718.


A child who witnesses domestic abuse is 60% more likely to commit it later in life.

Four people in a wheat field

We want to show you where your money goes.

We believe every person who supports Iceni financially deserves to know how their money is being spent.

  • In 2018/19, we spent £350,000 supporting families
  • 90p in every £1 goes towards our work with families
  • 5p of every £1 is used for governance and running costs
  • £5 can help cover the day expenses of a volunteer helper
  • £150 helps ten families travel to Iceni each week

With charities under scrutiny for how they use donations, we are committed to being totally transparent about our financial practices.

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Out of every £1 you donate, 90p goes to helping people in our care. We split only 10p across our costs and marketing.