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We like to think that we operate an honest, open and transparent (HOT) charity.

Iceni wants to ensure all stakeholders including potential investors have access to sufficient, balanced and understandable financial information.

By publishing such information, it will show we are serious about transparency and accountability.

Iceni defines accountability and transparency as follows:

Accountability is an obligation or willingness by Iceni to explain its actions to its stakeholders.

Transparency is an obligation or willingness by Iceni to publish and make available critical data about the organisation.

We believe every charity should, as a matter of course, provide financial information in an easy, open and accessible manner.

How Iceni spends your money

It is important that anyone who donates to Iceni is reassured that the money they donate is wisely spent. Iceni is committed to clearly stating on all literature, website and media outlets how much we spend on administration and fundraising, how much goes into reserves, and how much is paid to senior staff.


goes towards governance and running costs


is used to provide essential support to families


is invested to generate additional income

How is Iceni funded?

In 2018/2019 our income was £369,469, and was made up from:


Big Lottery

Local authority funding

Local fundraising and philanthropy

Public Health (subcontract with Turning Point)

Business / corporate sponsorships

Other income (room hire/drug testing/interest)

How much does Iceni pay senior staff?

We see no reason why the salaries of our CEO and senior management shouldn’t be made public. There are plausible reasons why a CEO earns a high salary; however, hiding this away in the annual accounts doesn’t garner trust.

The highest salary at Iceni is £41,000 with the average annual salary at Iceni being £28,000. Both males and females in similar roles receive the same salaries. 

How much is spent on fundraising?

In 2018/19 we spent £5,000 on organising fundraising activities – actual costs of £955 plus fundraising salary costs (£3,750 plus employers NI of £32.45)

How much goes into reserves and administration?

Normally, 10% of our income would be placed into our reserves. Our reserve policy is in line with The Charity Commission’s good practice. This means we try and have between three and six months of reserves at any one time. We spent £28,000 on administration costs in 2018/2019.

To see our financial information in full, please download a copy of our latest financial report