Brian Tobin
Speech Marks "We’re not just a ‘short-term fix’, if people need us again we’ll be here for them."

Brian Tobin (MBE, DUniv) | Iceni Chief Executive

Led by Brian Tobin (MBE, DUniv) since 1998, Iceni continue turning lives around in Ipswich.

The philosophy that Brian introduced to Iceni was: “To not judge a person by their past if they are making an honest attempt to change. After all, they are simply humans, who like all of us have made mistakes or wrong decisions in life and need help and compassion, not judgment, castigation and isolation.”

He has never lost sight of this, and remains steadfast in maintaining the independence and values of the organisation. He believes it is essential that small, local charities maintain their independence, and crucially, maintain whatever unique identity it is that makes them a worthwhile and valuable cause.

Under Brian’s leadership, the team at Iceni demonstrate hope, understanding and a non-judgemental approach to those who struggle with difficulties that are often misunderstood and misjudged more widely.

In 2019, Brian was awarded an MBE for his services to drug rehabilitation in Suffolk.

The Iceni Team

Glenn Robinson

An experienced UKCP accredited therapist and supervisor, Glenn took the lead in the development and facilitation of the pioneering Venta programme, and also facilitates the Relationships programme at Iceni.

Jo Tobin

Jo is a microsystems acupuncture therapist and has been with Iceni since 2004. Her focus is the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of clients, specialising in detox, stress anxiety and pain management, as well as practical support.

Sue Nichol

As senior keyworker at Iceni, Sue works on the physiological and practical welfare of clients. An accredited member of the National Counselling Society, Sue is trained in mental health and CBT, and has an advanced diploma in psychotherapeutic counselling.

Sue Rudland

In her role as business development manager, Sue is responsible for setting the strategic fundraising direction for Iceni, and is the driving force behind our digital marketing strategy and corporate partner programme.

Simon Cobb

Simon is a social worker and the designated Safeguarding Lead for Iceni. He is responsible for caseload management and delivering the parenting programs. Simon is passionate that all people are treated fairly and given opportunities often denied them due to circumstance or prejudice.

1 in 4
Women will be the victim of domestic violence
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A team united by our mission and core values.

Iceni recognises that the successful attainment of its mission is directly related to the quality of its staff and volunteers.

All frontline staff who carry out the activities of Iceni are appropriately qualified in their chosen field, and together have 80+ years of experience.

Supplementing our core staff team are a team of qualified volunteer therapists who specialise in family therapy, couples work, and individual work around sexual abuse, eating disorders addiction and many issues that underpin family dysfunction.

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Kirsty's Story
Speech Marks "I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Iceni. They helped put my life back together."

Kirsty | Former Iceni Client

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How you can help Suffolk families that need support.

As a charity, Iceni depends on the ongoing support of businesses, individuals and local authorities. There are various ways you can lend a hand and make a positive difference to families across Suffolk.

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Corporate Charity Partnerships
Partnering with Iceni can deliver a number of benefits to us and your business. We welcome any support, both financial and non-financial, that companies can offer.
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Fundraising for Iceni
Our experienced fundraisers can lend a helping hand to anyone looking to raise funds for Iceni through special events or personal challenges.
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Iceni has always depended on the support of volunteers, and their ongoing contribution will be integral to meeting our objectives over the coming years.
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Out of every £1 you donate, 90p goes to helping people in our care. We split only 10p across our costs and marketing.