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We recognise that change and success with parents and children can take many years to achieve.

The main difference we make is to reduce the negative impact on parents, children, local communities and the costs associated with statutory interventions.

However, long-term sustainable progress will only be realised if we remain committed to making a difference in the short-term in a number of areas.

How Our Work Makes an Impact

The major outcomes of our work include:

  • Family members experience improved family relationships, fewer incidents of domestic abuse, and improved parenting capacity.
  • Parents experience improved physical and mental health as a result of reducing addictive behaviour.
  • Parents will have increased self-esteem, improved social skills and better capacity to interact effectively with organisations that can improve lifestyle and employment opportunities.
  • Parents and children report greater levels of regular school attendance, a better learning environment at home, and increased parental interaction with children.

Other secondary outcomes include:

  • A better understanding of general health issues for both parent and child, e.g. stress management, postnatal depression, smoking cessation, substance & alcohol misuse, mental health.
  • Parents exhibit positive parenting and learning about their children’s physical and emotional development.
  • Increased take up in education, training and employment opportunities through linkages with partner activities.
  • Assisting parents out of the benefit trap and toward productive and independent lifestyles.
  • Support that promotes family attachment and positive child-parent interaction.
  • Giving children the chance to grow up in loving families and communities.
  • Protecting children from abuse, discrimination and exploitation.
  • Increased engagement with families from identified troubled neighbourhoods.
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The social value of our work is just as important as the impact we have on our clients.

The present and future financial situation has made it clear that money is unable, on its own, to produce the kind of civil, safe and healthy communities that we desire in Ipswich.

That’s why Iceni considers social value to mean more than just a financial transaction. It includes, amongst other things:

  • Happiness
  • Wellbeing
  • Health
  • Inclusion
  • Empowerment

We have five key social value outcomes:

  • An increase in community resilience including the development of local skills and jobs
  • A reduction in the demand for public services
  • An increase in the number and impact of volunteers in local communities
  • An increase in the level of local private sector and other investments that make an impact on people and communities
  • An improvement in the quality and amount of socially responsible decisions made by all services users and other stakeholders

Effective programmes that make a difference

Our range of programmes deliver long-lasting solutions to the various challenges brought about by addiction, domestic abuse and other behavioural disorders.

Holistic treatments that enhance lives

We take pride in offering a personal and integrated service, matching a family’s individual needs with the right support or intervention.

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Out of every £1 you donate, 90p goes to helping people in our care. We split only 10p across our costs and marketing.