90% of Iceni clients live in Ipswich and the surrounding areas.

The problem is the problem — the child is not the problem.

In Suffolk, there are few proven models achieving a high degree of repair to children. 

Iceni is in a distinct position because in the course of supporting 150 children in 2018, we achieved a dramatic change in parent and child relations, with 106 parents suggesting that the family functioning had vastly improved and 98 children stating they felt safer in the home.

Child reading a book

Rapport will draw on the existing strengths of Iceni:

  • A wide range of interventions, to a whole family, under one roof. 
  • Service is delivered when it suits the family, not only in office hours, but also evenings and weekends.
  • Families are not passed from one team to another, reducing the chance of relapse or drop-out.
  • Provision is delivered intensively to ensure family engagement.
  • Support is not time-bounded.
  • Families gain quick access (within five days) to services at Iceni.  
  • The team will be well placed to act swiftly, if necessary, to keep children safe.

Programme Objectives

The goal of Rapport is to reduce vulnerability and isolation and to increase the life chances of children, whilst also reducing the need for a range of health and welfare services over the course of a child’s life. 

Firstly, we aim to achieve the following measurable changes:

  • Increase self-esteem and resilience of children.
  • Children develop problem-solving skills to help them resolve conflicts.
  • Children improve their ability to identify abusive actions and understand they are not to blame for their adverse experiences.
  • Children have security, safety and care in their everyday lives.
  • Children express their hurts, worries and fears and acknowledge their skills, interests and hope.

Our intent is to keep children safe, repair harm and help them rebuild a safe and secure attachment with their parent, guardian or primary carer, if they have been exposed to trauma in their early years. 

We also expect to produce the following changes: 

  • Parents exhibit positive parenting and learning about baby’s/children’s physical and emotional development.
  • Strengthen the parent-child relationship
  • Increase the parents’ confidence in their parenting abilities.
  • Parents and children report greater levels of regular school attendance, a better learning  environment at home, and increased parental interaction with children.
  • Reduction in the number of children in the looked after system or requiring child protection
  • Reduction in the financial cost to society by keeping families together. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the Rapport programme further.

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