We offer Triple P as a matter of course for all parents who attend Iceni.

While the programme isn’t an intervention that requires “a problem”, many of our clients are part of a generational cycle of deficient parenting. This can be for many reasons such as abuse, poverty, illness, poor mental health and substance misuse. As a result, they tend to lack confidence in their abilities to parent and revert to what they have learned as children themselves. 

For these parents, Triple P can make a massive positive difference to their lives as a whole.

Triple P’s 17 strategies focus on improving behaviour and developing positive relationships and attitudes.

Parents often unintentionally perpetuate unwanted child behaviour through negative parenting. Triple P suggests more effective methods for encouraging positive behaviour, leading to children and young people who have greater self-regulatory skills, confidence and attainment. 

The strategies used are split into the following themes: 

Self-sufficiency – encouraging parents/carers to use their own resources to independently solve problems, decreasing reliance on others. 

Self-efficacy – nurturing parent/carer confidence in their daily parenting. 

Self-management – modelling and nurturing the tools/skills needed to enable change.

Personal agency – empowering parents/carers to ‘own’ the positive changes as a result of their dedicated efforts. 

Problem-solving – nurturing the confidence to use previously successful strategies, and creating new approaches for ineffective ones.

Triple P leads to positive outcomes

After completing Triple P, parents tend to feel more confident and relaxed with their children, who in turn feel more supported and valued. This naturally leads to a more positive family unit, as well as an increase in positive outcomes such as better school attendance and mental health.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the Triple P programme further.

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