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We understand that domestic abuse is not a life choice

Developed by Iceni, in line with RESPECT guidelines, Venta offers 16 weeks of exploration, understanding, learning and personal growth for men who, currently or historically, exhibit behaviours that are considered violent, abusive, coercive or controlling.

Using a range of theories and combining education and group therapy, the programme provides a safe, contained and non-judgemental space to take a look at your ‘self’ within the context of relationships, and an opportunity to do things differently.

Men will learn how relationships work, and particularly why they may react or behave in particular ways.

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Comprehensive care and support

Venta can also act as a gateway to a range of further support for members of the programme, or for partners/ex partners. This may include counselling, further group work or support through child protection planning with the local authority.

The programme is facilitated by one male and one female facilitator who are qualified and experienced psychotherapeutic practitioners.

Referrals are welcome from a range of agencies in Suffolk, including social care services and probation services, and we also consider self-referrals. Venta may also form part of a court order or safeguarding planning.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the Venta programme further.

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